Our NEXT BOOK: I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged by Kung Fu Cowboy

I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged is the new poetry book by Kung Fu Cowboy.

Yep.  He did it.  He wrote it down.  Longhand.  It looks like shorthand when he writes fast.

I’M NOT HOMELESS is a poetry book.  A memoire of 2017 in poetry by Kung Fu Cowboy.

Richard Del Connor is also Zhen Shen-Lang “Buddha Zhen” who founded Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu & Taijiquan in 1992, the nonprofit Tai Chi Youth in 1996, and the Buddha Kung Fu schools in 2008.

Kung Fu Cowboy WAS The Hippy Coyote” of American Zen from 1992 to 2012.

Instead of separating his Shaolin Kung Fu as “Buddha Zhen” and his music career as “The Hippy Coyote,” Richard somehow became “Kung Fu Cowboy” as he worked as a stagehand for Rhino Staging a couple years.  Wearing his black cowboy hat, most of his coworkers only knew him as “Kung Fu” or “Cowboy.”

This shot was taken in the back of a coworker’s pickup truck early in the morning.  He is about to go to the Anaheim Stadium to work the Kenney Chesney concert there as a stagehand.  (Not as a performer.)

In 2017 Kung Fu Cowboy was still living out of his green 1996 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with the purple fiberglass shell on the back.

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