Still Uncertain: What Format Do I Release Full-Color Poetry Book by Richard Del Connor?

I’m also having trouble with the author being “Kung Fu Cowboy.”

I’ve been THE Kung Fu Cowboy here in Los Angeles since I came her in 2013.  I’ve been wearing my black jeans, black long-sleeves, black vest, and black cowboy hat as a stagehand and stage performer on electric guitar while singing.

So it’s been easy to call myself, Kung Fu Cowboy.  Most people did.

But five years later I am transforming into someone else.  I have finished business plans to build my Shaolin Temple Kung Fu school in North Hollywood, California.  I’ve developed a really cool yoga program to launch my school.

But I’m not Kung Fu Cowboy when I’m running my Kung Fu school.  I’m Buddha Zhen.  To confuse myself more I’m Buddha Z also.  Kung Fu Cowboy is the adult version of The Hippy Coyote in American Zen.  Buddha Z is the sassier version of Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu & Taijiquan.

I have no problem with my various identities… but what name do I stick on this book?

When I wrote the book I called myself, “Kung Fu Cowboy.”  As I prepare to print the book cover and advertise it: what name do I use?


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