Upcoming Book Release: ACT ZEN TO BE ZEN by Richard Del Connor
Richard Del Connor is Buddha Zhen, founder of Shaolin Communications
Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen”

Shaolin Communications will be publishing the self-help book, Act Zen to Be Zen by Richard Del Connor.

This will be an 8.5″ x 11″ paperback.  Our first publication in this size and format.

Act Zen to Be Zen was originally a website of 48 lessons.  The website was built by Richard Del Connor for his daughter Caitlin when she was considering an acting career.  Based upon his UCLA motion picture education, Richard designed these lessons from his DIRECTOR’S NOTEBOOK he uses as a template for each movie he produces, writes, or directs.  This Director’s Notebook includes all the questions to create a complete biography of a movie character whether fictional or factual.

Richard redesigned his Director’s Notebook and combined it with his Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu manuals which include Zen Buddhism and Taoism… to create a dynamic question and answer book that each reader designs by filling in the blanks.  The answers the reader provides will then be used to create a menu of the reader/actor’s natural abilities.  By picking and choosing character and personality traits, an actor becomes adept at styling himself into a variety of acting roles.

The strength of Act Zen to Be Zen is that the book starts by guiding the actor to create THEIR IDEAL THEM.  This self-designed identity can then be reestablished after transforming into an acting role.  Even better yet, this self-designing enables and empowers the actor to control who they are and sometimes more importantly: who they aren’t.

Although this Act Zen to Be Zen has been read by thousands of actors online in a series of 48 webpages, this will be the first time this book has been published as a book.  We look forward to hearing from you about how it has worked for you or made your life better.

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