book: I’m Not Homeless – I’m Domestically Challenged by Richard Del Connor “Kung Fu Cowboy”


I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged is the humorous poetry of pain and persistence by Kung Fu Cowboy in 2017 as he endures a surgery that requires another surgery to fix the surgery…

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I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged was written and published while Richard Del Connor was living in his Tacoma pickup truck with his black cat named, Bear.  Richard is also Zhen Shen-Lang, founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu & Taijiquan in 1992.  He used to have a Triumph chopper and he wears a black Kung Fu cowboy hat when he performs as a flute singer, sometimes reciting poetry, and sometimes performing Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

He lives in his car with his cat in North Hollywood, California.  Richard Del Connor is a retired union carpenter and record producer and ‘domestically challenged’ person (homeless).  A new Los Angeles County ordinance makes it a crime to sleep in your car.  His ex-wife becomes homeless.  Richard is a protector.

Known as “Kung Fu Cowboy,” Richard wears a black cowboy hat and teaches Shaolin Kung Fu classes in North Hollywod Park.  This ahs earned him respect among the homeless and recduced the psossiblity of violence against him.

A colorectal surgery completes this phase of Richard’s homeless journey (domestically challenged journey) from emergency rooms to St. Joseph’s Providence Hospital.

The following books continue the “Rectal Ruin” saga series of Richard Del Connor, Kung Fu Cowboy:

  • Kung Fu Cowboy Academy (surgery #1 to Christmas)
  • Fistula of Fury  (New Year’s Eve to Surgery #2)
  • Evolution of a Shaolin Monk  (at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital Recuperative Care Center, Compton, California)


Book #1 of “Rectal Ruin” series:

I’m Not Homeless – I’m Domestically Challenged
by Richard Del Connor  “Kung Fu Cowboy”

This memoir of life on the streets in North Hollywood represents an optimism in the midst of poverty, mental illness, drug addiction, prostitution and death.  A medical complication adds suspense resulting in a surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, California.

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This is the FIRST EDITION of I’m Not Homeless – I’m Domestically Challenged by Richard Del Connor, most known as, Kung Fu Cowboy.


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